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    This is the year of CPDL had launched the first project CHOWDHURY HEIGHTS at S.S. Khaled Road, Jamal Khan. This launching campaign was titled as 'Udbodhoney Offer e Shopner Bari', one of the most successful, most talked about and unique campaign of that time. Acquiring the REHAB memebership was a good memoir of this year as well
    The escalation began in this year through the launching of our pride CLOUD 9 and CITADEL, just beside Chowdhury Heights, the trio had created the unique neighborhood EUPHORIA DE CPDL. 
    This was the year of exploration of new locations, diversificatrion of product type and Design. This was the proud year handing over CHOWDHRY HEIGHTS
    The transition was made by changing the logo of the comapny to current logo combines of two colors - Purple and Orange. Purple stands for wisdom, dignity and creativity while Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness, encouragement and stimulation. 
    A tough year from macro economics scenarios, yet CPDL showd the potency by keeping development pace intact and through commencing a good number of projects like Kolotan, AM Majesta, SK Quadra, Paragon City etc. 
    This year, a signature of innovation, CPDL launched the first ever STAR CLASS project CRIMSON CLOVER in Chittagong, which is unique by nature and function. Apart from this, setting the integrity benchmark on top CPDL achieved ISO 9001:2008 certifications.
    Considering the values of equality and bondage, CPDL transformed the corporate set up into a   FAMILY FORMATION. It became a large family acting for one development cause with motivation of sameness rather than just a business organization. 
    Quality excellence and workmanship reached a new level in this year through aestheticaly designed few projects. Most significantly this year, celebrated 7 steps and beyond at the 7 years marks towards the LEGACY of the FAMILY.
    The macro and micro context of real estate industry once again tested the detremination of the company this year, nevertheless CPDL stood on top of willpower and kept the development process intact. 
    The reputation, brand equity and management credential of the company reached a new stature understandbly through the construction projects of BelleVue Hospital and Auronee. Most significantly Handover Crimson Clover brough the introduction of star class into reality. Khurshida 101, another star class project has also been handed over this year. 
    The FAMILY is committed and motivated to keep the development thirst on and explore the horizon. 
    CPDL reached the decade mark of operations in this year and had observed the occassion in grand style through  a month long campaign titled as TOGETHER : A DECADE & BEYOND. The campaign was executed very well by number of events like QUEST FOR THE BEST - an extensive and exclusive complementary maintenance service provided to every single clients from the oldest to latest, FIRST FAMILY MEET - gratification shown to the first personnel serving CPDL to first client and first joint venture partner. The campaign brought the entire value chain of the CPDL towards a great bondage and created an extra ordinary example of TOGETHERNESS.
    Paying tribute to the legacy of the first ever Star class residence in Chittagong. CPDL this year had incepted another masterpiece, PARK RESIDENCE the living poetry. To launch the property had arranged a fantastic event titled as BONDAGE OF TRADITION which took the family to a new height in the market. This year the Company incepted the New Corporate Philosophy 'BEYOND BORDER, HAPPY TOGETHER' formed the Happy Club and Wellness Center. 
    This year CPDL turn into 12 and grandly appreciate all the Clients, Stakeholders, Associate, Vendors, Consultants, Well Wishers and all concerned irrespective of status and class for their respective contribution in the journey of an era and paid humble tribute through a year long campaign titled as "Jugpoortir Dhonnobad" inagurated few legacy projects like JAMAL KHAN BEAUTIFICATION and "SIRAJUDDOLA ROAD BEAUTIFICATION". Also incorporated a service campaign titled as ELEVATOR SERVICE WEEK under PARAGON TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES, took an extra ordinary health awareness event for all clients in all handed over properties.

    & BEYOND